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Spanish Classes Available

Our Mission

ENOCH RECOVERY CENTER’S mission is to provide comprehensive education to those with the following problems:
• Alcohol and other drug addictions.
• DWI convictions.
• Gambling addiction.
• Anger management issues.
• Family conflict resolution.

In an educational structured-like environment individuals come to understand their addiction, the reason for impulsive and destructive behavior patterns. They will learn
• How to take personal responsibility for changing their lives; by utilizing consequential thinking and developing other relapse prevention tools.
• They will learn to instill a positive belief system by incorporating morals, values and principles that will produce men and women of integrity. Becoming an asset to themselves, their families and society will be their motivating factor.

The concept of self is critical: recovery occurs when one’s commitment is abiding. It is ENOCH RECOVERY CENTER’s mission to support the families of substance abusers or any other abuse in order to strengthen the family system and break the cycle of addiction; to further serve the Community and return its residents back to society as sober, productive, responsible people who can now have healthier relationships with their families, friends and place of employment.

In addition, we conduct evaluations/assessments for the courts and DMV furnishing DS-449 forms required by Motor Vehicles. Referrals are made to the appropriate program according to the client's needs after completing the assessment/evaluation.

For those in recovery from alcohol and other drugs (A.O.D.) provision are made for continuum of care We also offer defensive driving courses: Points and Insurance reduction 6 hour courses. See Additional Services.

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